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La Table Hanoia transformed into a vibrant art space during the Dual Guestshift night, where two master mixologists, Phạm Tiến Tiếp and Nguyễn Tuấn Anh, guided guests on a captivating journey.The story told through the language of taste unfolded with artistic cocktails, captivating the senses with n

In order to bring more lifestyle experience to its customers, Hanoia will launch La Table Hanoia restaurant on 17th December 2021, on the 3rd floor of Press Club building, 12 Ly Dao Thanh, Hanoi, marking a new stage of development of the brand. Culinary lovers used to be familiar with the elegant fi

A culinary experience at La Table Hanoia restaurant will probably satisfy the expectations of diners who love adventures.Specializing in French haute cuisine, La Table Hanoia restaurant has surprised diners with a completely new look since its opening. Not only its interior decoration has been chang

Located at the heart of Hanoi’s Old French Quarter, La Table Hanoia delivers sophistication and creativity through the combination of flavors and colors, proving itself a destination not to be missed this festive season.Lying on the 3rd floor of Press Club building – a familiar address among Hanoi g