Discover a new culinary destination for this festive season



Located at the heart of Hanoi’s Old French Quarter, La Table Hanoia delivers sophistication and creativity through the combination of flavors and colors, proving itself a destination not to be missed this festive season.

Lying on the 3rd floor of Press Club building – a familiar address among Hanoi gourmets, La Table Hanoia officially opens on December 17, 2021, introducing a new sophisticated and creative space to enjoy culinary quintessence.

The highlight in La Table Hanoia’s design is the exquisite craftsmanship. Right at the entrance, you will encounter the decorative panels that are based on the structure of meticulously woven rattan screens of Chuong My craft village, which then lead you into a more contemporary space, just like a journey from tradition to modernity. Stepping inside the restaurant, you will probably be impressed by the wavy lacquered domes above the bar counter and outside on the terrace, which are reminiscent of the familiar curves in Parisian architecture. To complete these works of art, artisans had to hang themselves on the spot in 20 days to cover the domes with 15 layers of paint in order to make the lacquer appear shiny. The bar counter itself is also a pleasant surprise with its base decorated with 2241 old wine bottle bottoms, hand-cut and set side-by-side in the harmony of dark and light shades. Another outstanding detail of the restaurant’s design is the 10-meter-long polished concrete wall covered with uniformly braced wooden frames like small windows, with vibrant motifs and paintings in the background. If you are a little more observant, you can also recognize the proverbs and sayings of famous people meticulously engraved on copper bars.


La Table Hanoia also stands out with its unique combination of colors. The harmonious interplay between three main colors: blue, red, and yellow creates an interesting vibe at the sitting corners. Under the effect of light, the turquoise of the wavy dome, the moss green of the bar base, the velvet green of the sofas; the crimson red of the domes on the terrace and of the bar stools; the yellow-brown color of the lacquered tables, the bright yellow of the chairs, the copper-gold on the copper bars… together open up a warm, dynamic and artistic space.

The fusion of colors and flavors continues to follow you to the table. Besides the quintessence of French cuisine created with the freshest imported ingredients, which is the pride of the restaurant, you will also have a chance to enjoy new interesting creations on the Vietnamese Tapas menu. From steamed snails with ginger and herbs, grilled pork and lemongrass rolls, three-flavor spring rolls… to Vietnamese style sausage stuffed with minced beef and duck liver, “khọt” cake filled with oysters and tobiko caviar, Vietnamese flavors are hidden in the pretty little Tapas, bringing you a unique culinary experience. The burger trio: cheesy mushroom burger, cheesy beef burger and escargot burger, are also quintessential recipes of La Table Hanoia’s chefs, dedicated for those who enjoy new experiences.

Originated from lacquer production, Hanoia marks a milestone on its journey toward a lifestyle brand with the introduction of La Table Hanoia. The restaurant is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays, serving fine French cuisine, along with traditional Vietnamese recipes, cocktails, drinks and unique side dishes, with many special offers during the opening period from December 17 to December 31.